High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Podere Panolfo"

Organic DOP Umbria Colli Orvietani.

Cultivar:                            Moraiolo 50%, Leccino 40%, Pendolino 10%
Production :                     Orvieto Hills - Montecchio Municipality
Soil type:                          Calcareous clay
Altitude :                           350 mt. s.l.m.
Trees average age:         50 years
Productive System:        Polyconic vase
Planting Layout:              5 x 5
Harvest:                            Manually with beater.
Milling:                             Olives milled by 8 hours from harvest .
Mill Type:                         Pieralisi two phases Continuous cycle.


Color:   Yellow-green
Smell:   Release a medium fruity smell with a tomato and artichoke bouquet.
Taste:   Well balanced between bitter and spicy. Leave the mouth dry and with no traces,
 with a persistent smell of fragrance

Click the link to download technical sheet for Podere Panolfo Organic EVO Oil

Click the link to download the full test results for chemical analysis  and Panel Test.

FORMAT:     Bottles of 500 ml, - Cans 3 lt
PACKING:    Bottle 500 ml - Boxes with 6 bottles
STORING:    18 Months in original packaging (bottle and can), in a fresh, dry and dark place.