High Quality Extra Virgin Oil "Podere Panolfo"

Multicultivar 100% Italian - Umbro

Cultivar:                            Moraiolo 30%, Leccino 55%, Pendolino 15%
Production :                     Orvieto Hills - Montecchio Municipality
Soil type:                          Calcareous clay
Altitude :                           350 mt. s.l.m.
Trees average age:         50 years
Productive System:        Polyconic vase
Planting Layout:              5 x 5
Harvest:                            Manually with beater.
Milling:                             Olives milled by 8 hours from harvest .
Mill Type:                         Pieralisi two phases Continuous cycle.


Color:   Yellow-green
Smell:   Release a medium fruity smell with a olive and artichoke bouquet.
Taste:   Well balanced between bitter and spicy. Leave the mouth dry and with no traces,
 with a persistent smell of fragrance

Click the link to download the original full result of chemical analysis and Panel Test

FORMAT:     Bottles of 250 ml, 750 ml - Cans 3 lt and 5 lt
PACKING:    Bottle 250 ml - Boxes with 6 bottles     Bottle 750 ml - Boxes with 3 or 6 bottles
STORING:    18 Months in original packaging (bottle and can), in a fresh, dry and dark place.